2008-01-13 19:44:11 by LaurenAwesome

Okay so recently, I've just been really busy and shit. School and life and everything have been just fucking with me lately. haha So AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I'll have more music up. Oh and sorry to the messages I haven't responded to. I haven't been on since like....October. O__o But if anyone writes me from this point on, I'll respond for sure. :]


2007-09-24 20:14:59 by LaurenAwesome

So yeahhhh, like the title said. For the very few people who listen to my music and enjoy it (I love you hehe), I'm going to record some NEW music as soon as possible. I'm also going to re-record some of my old stuff, and probably add some more guitar parts as well. Just that I'd let my small "fan base" know.

haha That's cool I heart my three fans<3333333333 :]

Okay, When people review my songs and guys ask if I'm singing and playing the guitar. YES, I AM SINGING AND PLAYING THE GUITAR! :o It's all me and my sucky talents. :D

So there ya go, for the people who were wondering. :]

New Songs Up Bitches!

2007-08-07 15:42:52 by LaurenAwesome

I have a few new songs up bitches!
Check em out!